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"The Camel Club" aims to educate the local and international community in the wonder of the works of the Creator, represented by camels, to define their economic benefits and the role they can play as an economic resource for the Kingdom, in addition to the industries which can depend on them. It aims also to enhance Saudis’ pride in the camel, and its role in the Kingdom's history, and the distinct cultural heritage it represents. The club seeks to achieve this through spreading knowledge among the public inside and outside the Kingdom, organizing seminars, and helping to organize cultural events, competitions and championships, both at the Kingdom and the world level. The Camel Club helps entrepreneurs create investment, cultural, and educational opportunities in this growing sector. It helps them realize the opportunities that they can seize, and gives them all the information that they need to succeed.


The most prominent economic opportunities for future investment are:

Desert resorts


Veterinary services

Camel decoration tools


Information technology

Camel events


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Phone: 920007034

Twitter: @CamelClub

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